underprivileged children

About Us

The aims and objective for which the society is established shall be as under :-

  • To open and run, educational and vocational schools or Institutions for bring educations within the reach of poor & backward children, in the National Capital Territory Delhi.
  • To provide libraries, publish books on educational, cultural & social subjects organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.
  • To provide hostels & residential accommodation that may be made eligible it.
  • To establish & maintain Institutions for the handicapped & for under privileged education like vocations of household industry, Semi-skilled jobs for self employment, finance hospitality, languages, personality development etc.
  • To provide the best education and emphasis would be on character building, self discipline & the development of the creative & social faculties. The society aims at producing well informed & well ensured youth, just the kind of youth that our country needs.
  • To strive to meet changing need of providing comprehensive education to develop various facts of personality and to impart education to children on the most modern lines & provide an environment congenial to growth & development of the children.
  • To arrange & organize the social, cultural & educational programs from time to time
  • To open library reading rooms to the poor and needy student/children.
  • To distribute awards/Scholarship price to the eligible students/children.
  • To look for the promotion of social welfare sport and games and all other activities of the society.
  • To work for upliftment of women, widows, orphans, old age, handicapped and mentally retarded person in general.
  • To provide health care facilities medical relief and to open manage charitable dispensaries clinic etc.
  • To help and arrange camps during flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquake, epidemic storms, accident etc.
  • To provide relief financial assistant and other facilities to poor persons and associations having objects similar to those of this society.
  • To frame and amend rules and bylaws of the society as may be found necessary from time to time.
  • To affiliate, associate, co-operate or take up joint projects with any other society or any educational Institution having objects similar those of this society.
  • To do all such actions which are necessary for fulfilling the aims and objectives of the society.